30 JJ

30 Karate Jacks

10 cossack squats

5 inch worms

Shoulder Ring outs

shoulder circles

10 lunge/stretch/jump




15:00 EMOM

5KB swings 70/53#

Sprint(length of driveway w/ #50/30 slam ball


No Score

Px: 53/35#, 30/20#

Beginner: 35/25#, No weight on the runs

Hamp has been with MCF since its opening in September 2012! Over the past year he finished out his last year of Law School. Hamp was not only dedicated to his studies, but to his workout. Over the past 10 months Hamp has lost at least 60 pounds and has gone Paleo. The month of July he was studying 8 hours a day for the BAR, and still managed to get his WOD in 5-6 times a week. This is what I call true dedication. Continue Reading...
Pensacola Beach Brawl
WOW what a great EVENT! There is nothing better than WODing on the Beach! Day 1 we had 12 individual competetors: Shawn, Chelsea, Steph, Chelsey, Shane, Lance, Kipp, Justin, April, Cole, Mike, and Larry! Day 2 we Continue Reading...
Battle of the Fittest
What a successful Saturday Metairie CrossFit had! We had 3 teams which included Cole Gordon & Mike Hunter, Daniella Call & Katie Fisse, and Stephanie Harris & Chelsey Tharp compete in the Battle of the Fit Continue Reading...